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Podcast: Jean Hoefliger of Alpha Omega Winery

I met Jean Hoefliger on a July day just after tasting his wines. He’s a complex character with a keen sense of humor, though his wines are serious, stunning, enviable. 750mls full of drinkable art. Alpha Omega Winery is a boutique brand with a very limited production and I had the privilege to work the 2011 Harvest in their cellar. The day we met, Jean casually mentioned I could work harvest a few days a week if I wanted – he didn’t realize he would be getting a guy who wears three-piece suits to work. I may not have been the ideal candidate but I performed punch-downs and worked the sorting table with grace. Sixteen minutes of profound conversation, reflections and amusing revelations awaits you…then visit Winetology to read about my experiences and see photos.



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Podcast: Kelly & Colleen Fleming of Fleming Wines

Kelly and Colleen Fleming

In the earlier days of the summer, I visited Kelly and Colleen Fleming of Kelly Fleming Wines. Their winery is nestled into the side of Mount Saint Helena, near Calistoga, CA just off Silverado Trail. Their property is pristine – purchased in 1998, a 300-acre parcel of land much of it too rugged to plant but some of which is planted to Cabernet. The winery is family run and I had a great time chatting with mom and daughter, exploring the caves and tasting their 2005 and 2007 Cabernet. Delish! Listen, enjoy and be elevated.




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Podcast: Josh Phelps of Taken Wine Co.

The “next generation” of winemakers, vintners and marketers are setting the stage with fun new projects aimed at a younger, hip, in-the-know audience. Josh Phelps and Carlo Trinchero are two of the these Napa NextGenners and their brand “Taken Wine Company” is an inspired project. Both hail from serious winemaking families and have decided the family business is something they want to be a part of. Listen, enjoy and be elevated.

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Podcast: Jacqueline Bahue of Girard Winery

Jacqueline Bahue, Assistant Winemaker @ Girard Winery

On July 14th, 2011, The Noble Rot and Stag Dining Group hosted an “Anti” Bastille Day Party and our guest of honor was Jacqueline Bahue, Assistant Winemaker at Girard Winery. We poured several fantastic wines from both Girard and their recently acquired Cosentino Winery. In the thick of the 2011 Harvest, Jacqueline took a break to chat with me as we walked through the winery – you’ll hear fork lifts buzzing past in a frenzy of barrel lifting excitement and for a bit we were in the “lab” where Nitrogen gas was being generated by an impressive machine. Jacqueline is a UC Davis grad who wants to make her own wine eventually. She loves the fact that science is an integral part of the winemaking process. Listen, enjoy and be elevated.

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