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Podcast: Josh Phelps of Taken Wine Co.

The “next generation” of winemakers, vintners and marketers are setting the stage with fun new projects aimed at a younger, hip, in-the-know audience. Josh Phelps and Carlo Trinchero are two of the these Napa NextGenners and their brand “Taken Wine Company” is an inspired project. Both hail from serious winemaking families and have decided the family business is something they want to be a part of. Listen, enjoy and be elevated.

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Podcast: Jacqueline Bahue of Girard Winery

Jacqueline Bahue, Assistant Winemaker @ Girard Winery

On July 14th, 2011, The Noble Rot and Stag Dining Group hosted an “Anti” Bastille Day Party and our guest of honor was Jacqueline Bahue, Assistant Winemaker at Girard Winery. We poured several fantastic wines from both Girard and their recently acquired Cosentino Winery. In the thick of the 2011 Harvest, Jacqueline took a break to chat with me as we walked through the winery – you’ll hear fork lifts buzzing past in a frenzy of barrel lifting excitement and for a bit we were in the “lab” where Nitrogen gas was being generated by an impressive machine. Jacqueline is a UC Davis grad who wants to make her own wine eventually. She loves the fact that science is an integral part of the winemaking process. Listen, enjoy and be elevated.

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Podcast: Robert Biale of Robert Biale Vineyards

Below is our second podcast, broadcast live from Robert Biale Vineyards at 4038 Big Ranch Road, Napa, California in early September of 2011. These good Italian Biale’s are known for their Zinfandels, and Bob tells a great story about the “Black Chicken,” which may or may not have something to do with Prohibition. Jonny Cigar spoke with Bob Biale, Steve Hall (winemaker) and Bob’s mother, Clementina. Listen, enjoy and be elevated.



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Inaugural Podcast: Noble Rot Talks

Welcome to the podcast page for Noble Rot Talks.  Tune in every Wednesday as host Jonny Cigar, a self-appointed Master Sommelier, talks with winemakers, brand ambassadors, distillers, chefs, supper club hosts, musicians, artists and many more personalities. Shows will feature on-location in-depth interviews interspersed with musical performances and readings/discussions from culinary, libation and fiction works of literature.

Below is our inaugural podcast, broadcast live from 16 Beaver Street in downtown Manhattan on September 27, 2011. The Noble Rot hosted the “Culinary/Libation Revolution” and host Jonny Cigar spoke with guest Chef Rob McCue of Hell’s Kitchen fame and Michael Cirino, Creative Director of supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife.

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE – coming back in Jan 2015




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